Sport Specific Training Volleyball Basketball Baseball Soccer Track & Field Golf Football Wrestling Swimming Gymnastics Cheerleading Tennis Tri 2 B Fit training helps your athlete make the team and maximize their athletic potential by: Increasing Foot Speed, Agility & Vertical Jump Optimizing Cardiovascular Fitness Correcting Faulty Movement Patterns to Minimize Injury Teaching Self Care Techniques to Increase Flexibility Fueling to Perform Optimally Sports Psychology is critical to optimize performance. We incorporate mental coping skills to: Increase Confidence Minimize Negative Self Talk                    Maintain Focus Eliminate Self-Defeating Behaviors Manage Anxiety with Breathing Techniques Learn more about Sport Specific Training Services for your athlete, contact Tri 2 B Fit today. © 2013 Tri 2 B Fit, LLC Call Us: 480.606.8462                        625 S Smith Road #12 Tempe, AZ 85281  Email us:     Blog Fitness Classes Corrective Exercise Home Weight Loss & Fitness Contact Us Sport Specific Training Our Team Sport Psychology