Sport Psychology Why is Sport Psychology Important?  Learning mental coping skills to help the mind and body leads to optimal sports performance. Confidence is often undermined by negative self-talk and anxiety which leads to increased body tension and decreased performance.   Athletes start to present with a profile of playing “not to lose” rather than “to win” Recognizing these negative mental pattens and practicing strategies to eliminate these tendencies can result in a happier, healthier and higher performing athlete. Many successful professional and Olympic athletes  routinely use sports psychology coaching to help them develop their mental toolkit for success. What Makes Kelly’s Program Successful? Kelly Barnes holds a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Sports Psychology from Arizona State University. Her education combined with her counseling and athletic background allows Kelly to relate to athletes and create a trusting and motivational connection. One hour sessions are specifically designed to focus on the mental aspect of performance. Personalized assessments allow Kelly to identify the major stressors and develop an individualized game plan to address the athlete’s needs. Kelly has worked with professional athletes, Olympic athletes and a number of contestants on “The Biggest Loser”.  She is also a former collegiate soccer and basketball player, and has completed Lake Placid and Arizona Ironman events. How do you get started? Contact Kelly at Tri 2 B Fit and bring your game to the next level! How to Eliminate Negative Self-Talk Effectively Use Imagery Create an Effective Pre-Performance Routine Develop a Mental Game Plan Minimize Sport Specific Anxiety Increase Confidence Overcome Mental Barriers After Injury How to Mentally Push Yourself Through the Discomfort Increase Mental Toughness & Motivation How to Turn Around a Funk Progressive Relaxation/Breathing Techinques How to Set Effective Goals Learn to Handle Pressure Confront Fear - Succes or Failure © 2013 Tri 2 B Fit, LLC Call Us: 480.606.8462                        625 S Smith Road #12 Tempe, AZ 85281  Email us:     Blog Fitness Classes Corrective Exercise Home Weight Loss & Fitness Contact Us Sport Specific Training Our Team Sport Psychology