Corrective Exercise & Neuromuscular Training Through an analysis of your movement patterns, Tri 2 B Fit is able to identify soft tissue restrictions and tight or weak muscle groups. We teach clients various methods to break up adhesions in order to restore healthy tissue quality. We are then able to incorporate corrective exercises allowing us to address individual compensations.  Eliminating compensations through loosening tight muscles, strengthening weaknesses, and retraining motor patterns can substantially reduce pain, increase performance, prevent injury and improve overall quality of life. Corrective exercise is highly recommended for preventing or treating common pain and discomforts in areas such as back, knee, hip, shoulder, and foot.  Compensations in these areas can lead to low back pain, runner’s knee, rotator cuff tears, and plantar fasciitis. It is also extremely beneficial for increasing efficiency in your golf technique, biking and running form, speed, agility, and vertical jump.  Tri 2 B Fit has learned that even our youngest athletes have begun to compensate and reinforce incorrect movement patterns. We highly recommend youth athletes learn proper movement techniques and corrective exercises to build life long habits resulting in reduced risk of injury, opportunity to excel in their sport, and to enjoy a fit and active lifestyle now and long into their future. The owner of Tri 2 B Fit, Kelly Barnes is a Kinesiologist, a movement specialist.  She offers clients extensive academic expertise earning a Masters Degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University.  Kelly has a successful track record working with clients to identify and resolve muscular imbalances and compensated movement patterns through proper identification of compensations and teaching appropriate corrective exercise technique. Kelly is also an accomplished athlete, having to put into practice corrective exercise techniques to resolve her own muscular compensations from Ironman training. Helping clients enjoy a fit and active lifestyle through knowledge and experience, Tri 2 B Fit. Contact Tri 2 B Fit to schedule your personal evaluation More about Sport Specifc Training for Athletes © 2013 Tri 2 B Fit, LLC Call Us: 480.606.8462                        625 S Smith Road #12 Tempe, AZ 85281  Email us:     Blog Fitness Classes Corrective Exercise Home Weight Loss & Fitness Contact Us Sport Specific Training Our Team Sport Psychology