The Bod Pod The Bod Pod body composition test is the gold standard in determining the ratio of your lean muscle to your fat mass.  It is a simple test that requires sitting in an "egg" for approximately three minutes.  No water or calipers are involved!  These test results help the Tri 2 B Fit team customize your weight-loss and performance goals.  It is also critically important  since it assists us in being able to make immediate dietary suggestions based on the outcome of the test. Testing consists of video analysis examining gait or cycling form. This analysis allows us to identify and correct movement pattern dysfunctions, leading to improved performance and decreased risk of injury.   Assessing your strength level will allow us to target certain areas and muscle groups in your training plan.  This test involves 7-10 moves or lifts to determine the strength of certain muscles or muscle groups. Fitness gains can be made through correction of postural issues.  Postural issues are often the cause of various muscular pains and general body discomforts.  This test moves you through a series of functional movements and postures to assess your range of motion and muscle activation. From the results of this test, we implement corrective exercises in your fitness plan to address these limitations. Goal setting is the heart of Tri 2 B Fit.  We STRONGLY believe in setting small, measurable, realistic goals.  The rate of success greatly increases with a solid plan of action but proper goal setting is not easy! The dietary analysis has been the cornerstone of the success stories at Tri 2 B Fit.  Our clients clearly feel this was the most valuable investment that they made early in their program.  This session includes a holistic view of your inputs, outputs, lifestyle, food habits, support systems and shopping habits.  Our coaching session will provide a foundation for you to make immediate changes and our clients have seen immediate results. We also have online Diet and Fitness coaching available. This consists of a weekly email check in and coaching on progress, goals, struggles and successes.  We will provide general guidance on weekly cardio and strength home training recommendations.  Dietary online coaching only is also available. Our clients love this interactive approach that fits their busy lifestyle.  Personal Fitness Evaluation Body Composition-Bod Pod Running & Cycling Analysis Strength Evaluation Posture Evaluation Goal Setting Dietary Analysis and Coaching Ongoing Online Dietary Analysis & Fitness Coaching © 2013 Tri 2 B Fit, LLC Call Us: 480.606.8462                        625 S Smith Road #12 Tempe, AZ 85281  Email us:     Blog Fitness Classes Corrective Exercise Home Weight Loss & Fitness Contact Us Sport Specific Training Our Team Sport Psychology