Client Successes Testimonials My story at Tri 2 B Fit is a little different.  I had previously a year or so before decided to make changes in my life.  I hired a personal trainer which was so expensive and I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere with.  I eventually quit disappointed.  I ended up joining a boot camp from a sign on the side of the road.  I was so excited to get going again.  I am competitive by nature and this was right up my alley.  I started having great luck with the boot camp and my motivation was at an all time high, however, the trainers were just young kids that didn't necessarily know what they were doing.  I started experiencing pain in different exercises and told the trainer I wasn't able to do some of them without pain.  I was told to not be a wimp and quit finding excuses, so I pushed through the pain.  Eventually it was so bad that it affected me at work  I couldn't do my job and was off of work for 3 months.   Ever since stopping the boot camp, I had pain in my back.  Even though I went back to work, my back was always hurting and killing me.  I tried injections, physical therapy, drugs with no relief.  I had a friend going to Kelly at the time and encouraged me to give her a try. When I first started with Tri 2 B Fit, I had no intentions of being successful.  My back pain was a daily struggle.  I had a hard time seeing past my pain.  I made it quite clear to Kelly that while I knew I needed to do something about my weight, that my only intention was to get rid of my back pain.  She was not only supportive of me but helped me for almost my first year of training to learn proper techniques and body mechanics to help with my pain.   Kelly was exactly what I needed in my life.  I had used other trainers and physicians who told me my back pain was chronic and I would have to deal with it.  Kelly was always positive and spent so much time helping me learn how I had abused my body and needed to relearn correct patterns etc. Little by little I started experiencing days of no pain.  I was ecstatic!  I kept going forward about probably after 8 months I was pain free!  This in itself is huge to me.  My job requires me to be on my feet for 12 hours a day wearing a heavy lead to protect me.  On some days I don't get to sit but for a few minutes and so the pain was affecting my job performance in a big way.    Tri 2 B Fit has changed my life and helped me get back to a normal functioning pain free life!  I can't thank Kelly enough for that! Of course this isn't the end of my story…I am now well on my way to achieving my fitness and weight goals.  I am able to workout  at a level I thought wouldn't happen.  I have hit a few set backs trying to get my body going, but I never doubt that Kelly will have me fixed up in no time.  I am always telling people who say they need surgery etc for back issues about Tri 2 B Fit.  I believe if you have people who take the time to see what the REAL issues are and not treat you for the symptoms you will have success.  This is exactly what Kelly did for me.  She found the root of my issues and went to work.   I will always be indebted to Kelly for helping me on my way to becoming and achieving what I really want in life.  I am excited for the future of my weight loss and health thanks to Kelly and Tri 2 B Fit! Rachel Foxcroft image 1 Nikki Codd, 800m University of Washington After being injured and unable to run for the past year and a half I had developed thought patterns that were interfering with my getting back into running and training. Once my body was completely healthy, I struggled with the fear of becoming reinjured. Every time something began to ache or hurt in the slightest I would fixate on it, and it would automatically become a larger problem. Kelly helped me to realize what I was doing; as well as develop ways to combat the bad mental habits I had created. While injuries are an inevitable part of running and training, Kelly has equipped me with the tools to mentally deal with the setbacks. Daniel I am a 26 year old golfer who seeks to play professionally but got injured 6 months ago. I literally thought my dream/career was over. I've been to other professionals and physicians but that didn't do a thing or help me out at all. Then came along Kelly and her staff at Tri 2 B Fit and my life changed dramatically ever since. I truly believe with their knowledge of the body and the sports psychology experience, I can accomplish all of my dreams and pursue my career in golf. If anyone has doubt or is in discomfort and feels that they need to recover from an injury or simply to get in better shape, I strongly recommend Tri 2 B Fit. Their staff is so friendly and understanding that they feel like family. Please take the extra step and take care of your body and mind by seeing Kelly and her amazing staff. Tri 2 B Fit is proud to feature success stories from our clients. Dorilee Since a terribly botched knee surgery in 1999 I had lost confidence in my physical abilities and had become out of shape and very inactive. Over the past 18 months I have worked with Kelly and have been on a rewarding journey both physically and emotionally.  As I have made small but consistent incremental steps in my level of fitness I have also found myself becoming emotionally more resilient and confident.  Kelly's in depth knowledge of nutrition, fitness and psychology, along with her willingness to connect personally have helped me to move to a place I never imagined I would be.  The progress I have made does not feel like change, I have truly integrated new thoughts and new practices into the fiber of who I am today.   (Our fingertips don't fade from the lives we have touched) Thank You Kelly Carmen "I have worked with Kelly and her team for several years now.  They have guided me through holistic lifestyle changes and addressed all facets of my life in setting goals and driving the success of my weight loss. Their personal training is always fun and challenging and never the same thing twice!  I complete a "bod pod" which is a body fat analysis every six weeks and change my diet based on that outcome.  Their ongoing encouragement and support is unlike any other place I have been.  I know that no matter what obstacle I may encounter, they are there to help me find a way to bust through to the other side.  The Tri 2 B Fit facility is definitely a place that is comfortable for people who are starting their weight loss journey.  In total, I have lost over 100lbs and I could not have done it without them!"    © 2013 Tri 2 B Fit, LLC Call Us: 480.606.8462                        625 S Smith Road #12 Tempe, AZ 85281  Email us:     Blog Fitness Classes Corrective Exercise Home Weight Loss & Fitness Contact Us Sport Specific Training Our Team Sport Psychology